At Somnox we are motivated to help you improve your sleep in a more natural way, and believe everyone should be able to experience the superpower of sleep. 

Our mission is clear.

We firmly believe that smart soft robotics will make a major difference in people’s daily health and happiness. We also believe that we can make a difference in the adoption of soft robots as a true companion for humans. Our ultimate goal is that soft robots, designed as true companions for humans to improve their daily health and happiness, will get the same emotional status as a pet in 2028.

The first product Somnox launched is a sleep robot to improve your night's rest

Do you have what it takes to change the health and wellness industry using soft robotics?

Come join us.


Celebrate success. As a startup we have won many prestigious awards that we are very honoured to receive.

ASN Wereldprijs 2017

Mens & Samenleving

Philips Innovation Award 2017

Public Prize

Robotdalen Innovation Award 2017

#1 Robotic Innovation in Europe

James Dyson Award 2016

#1 The Netherlands 

EIT Health MedTech BPA

Best MedTech device of Europe Business Plan Aggregator

Our headquarters

We are located in CIC Rotterdam on the 4th floor of Groothandelsgebouw, next to Rotterdam Central Station.